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For the ones who count the calories and carbs, DietSensor is considering to make the life easier. The French founded startup has generated a tool that scans the food and defines its nutritional significance. The idea is that anyone can go out to have food at a cafe or someone’s house and still hold onto checks on their diet. The first nutritional instruction app to assist you well manages chronicle situations and fitness.

Accurately Analyze the Diet:

Do you want improved control of your diet?  The DietSensor app reads the spectrometric scans from the SciO scanner and delivers a precise analysis of the homogeneous beverage or food. Spectrometry is the procedure that is used to recognize the chemical character of the food. This even takes into account particular cooking and seasoning ingredients, such as cooking oil. The developers of dietSensor believe that if nutrition tracking isn’t precise, then it isn’t helpful.

Homemade Goodness:

DietSensor offers correct results with every homogeneous food, even with home made recipes and drinks that do not have a nutritive tag. So everyone can have a balanced diet, even when they have home cooked meal.

User-Friendly app:

We all know that logging manually in meals can be frustrating. That is why the DietSensor’s developers had worked hard to improve this smooth, sharp, tiny app only for the diet conscious people and for the ones who want to stay healthy. By scanning the menu, it will take ten times less clicks to log foodstuff as compared to the other manual input approaches.

Food Database Beyond Compare:

If you have non-homogeneous food, then you have to input the items in your recipe, and you will access to the broad, ever-expanding food catalog with more than 600,000 food items from 50 countries with fast bar-code skimming.

The Nutrition Coaching Application:

DietSensor’s advanced progression chart offers the complete information on fats, carbs, calories, protein, and alcohol levels as well to deliver modified nutrition objectives.


Deeper Understanding:

The nutrition coaching app which is known as DietSensor will help the individuals to identify and recognize the habit patterns and recommends them accordingly.

Other Features of DietSensor:

  • The main and most significant purpose of DietSensor is the capability to accomplish health by simplifying food intake by giving the users charge of run through to their fitness and food goals.
  • Whether the person is fighting obesity, diabetes or high cholesterol, every user is set tailor-made, modified, nutritional assistance.
  • One more feature of DietSensor is the ability to gather data on alcoholic drinks. Alcohol comprises ethanol, which measures nearly as much as fat, to the food. Tracing alcohol consumption is vital in upholding a balanced diet, and controlling alcohol can severely decrease calorie intake.

DietSensor is pretty remarkable as the DietSensor can provide real-time outcomes and aid even the sternest dieters and patients on a pre-determined food plan. It is chiefly aimed at assisting the ones with disorders such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.








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